It’s here again, after an amazing long hot summer that broke many records, autumn has finally arrived. The leaves are rapidly falling and Halloween is just around the corner. Love it or loathe it, the festival of ‘All Hallows’ that our ancestors took with them to America, has in recent years come back across the pond... and my, how it’s grown!
The Halloween industry in the UK is now worth more than £300m, making it the third most significant event, after Christmas and Easter, for retailers.
To those who hate it, trick or treat is simply an old fashioned extortion racket. ‘Give us something nice and we will go away, without giving you any trouble’. Those who love it say, ‘it’s just a little harmless fun’, a type of trade-off.
Let’s face it, bartering is the oldest form of trade, it still makes the world go round, forming a part of most negotiation. Take Brexit, (somebody, please) for example. All business is a form of barter.
The quality of any company’s service and products determines its worth. At Itac, we strive to excel with the very best in customer service and a range of outstanding adhesives and coatings. All manufactured under the strictest safeguards, with care for our environment..
Read more below about recent quality and environmental accreditation.
We value our customers and never lose sight of their continued support or the intrinsic value that they place on our products and service.
Thanks for all your recent positive feedback and thoughts about ITS News and our recent Itac initiatives.


 Paul Armitt

Itac Managing Director



Vital training exercise for GMFR at Itac


One hot day during the summer, Itac became the site for a GMFR emergency exercise, which provided vital fire fighter training and tested Itac’s own alarms and fire systems at the same time.

Itac had previously notified all neighbours, to ensure no one perceived the exercise as an actual fire. On the day a Brenntag road tanker arrived on site and coupled up. A small imitation fire was created with the help of a smoke generator..


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Butterfly wing inspires advance in air purification technique


In the January 2015 issue of ITS News, we ran an amazing story about the way the nano-structures and iridescence of butterfly wings, could eventually lead to paint that does not fade. Butterfly wings are again the focus of research, this time for air purification.

Now scientists at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS (School of Engineering & Applied Sciences) are developing a new type of coating for catalytic converters that is inspired by the same nano-scale structure of a butterfly’s wing. It is claimed the new coating could significantly improve performance at the same time as reducing costs of air purification technologies...


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Itac Integrated Management Accreditation


After an NQA audit lasting a total of 5 Auditor days, Itac has gained Integrated Management Accreditation for ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment) standards.

Assessors said they had no hesitation in recommending registration. Here are several extracts from their report.



ITS Dermasafe

Itac has been successfully developing adhesives and coatings which are ‘skin safe’ for many years. By creating innovative formulations and working to specific functional requirements the company has established a reputation for assisting its customers in manufacturing products to British Pharmacopeia standards.​


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