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Welcome to ITAC the home of ITS smart thinking

Exciting new developments in manufacturing methods and materials continue to drive the need for both smarter and ever better adhesives and coatings. These hi-tech products have the ability to bond whilst also retaining key performance properties of the advanced new substrates to which they are affixed. They are able to aid and improve manufacturing quality and efficiency often replacing traditional fixing methods.

With over a century of successful formulation and manufacturing experience, ITAC is today positioned at the forefront of the adhesive revolution, which is currently underway. Our expanded laboratory provides first class facilities for the development of our ITS technically advanced range of industry specific adhesives.

This gives us an extraordinary depth of adhesive knowledge that we refer to as our “collective adhesive brain”. It is a vast resource, which is available for use independently for research, or alternatively it can be project linked with our extensive manufacturing plant to provide a turnkey adhesive / coating solution.

By working closely with a wide variety of adhesive users around the globe, we have developed flexible systems which provide swift and effective results.

Find out about our ITS range of products contact us on + 44 (0) 1204 573736

ITS Pyrocalm - specially formulated flame retardant coatings.

ITS Fibretec - adhesive systems specially formulated for the textile market.

ITS Buildtec - adhesives and coatings, specially formulated for the roofing, construction and flooring industry.

ITS Graphix - adhesives, specially formulated for mounting, laminating and encapsulation.

ITS Foodsmart - coatings and adhesives specially formulated for the food industry.

ITS Dermasafe - adhesives, specially formulated and approved for direct skin contact.

Need a new or innovative adhesive?

Our ITS - intelligent technical solutions service gives you the opportunity to benefit from our unique knowledge and skills base by having a bespoke adhesive designed and formulated especially for your needs.

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